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The VIZO RC headlamp from the Polish manufacturer Mactronic is a practical rechargeable lamp equipped with a Samsung LH351D LED diode with a maximum light output of 735 lumens in boost mode.

It creates a stream of white light with a range of up to 100 meters.

The lens used in the lamp produces an elliptical beam of light that evenly illuminates the surrounding area.

The 90-degree adjustable head allows you to direct the light in the desired direction.

VIZO RC is powered by a replaceable lithium-ion battery. Charging the battery is easy, as it takes place via a USB cable.

The lamp has 6 modes of operation:

boost (735 lumens) - the mode is activated for 60 seconds
maximum (400 lumens) - up to 13.5 h
medium (200 lumens) - up to 22.5 hours
low (20 lumens) - more than 81 hours
last red light - up to 40 h
last red flashing light - 115 h
The VIZO RC lamp also has a mode memory function, i.e. it starts up in the same mode it was in before it was switched off.

The housing of the lamp is made of durable aluminum, resistant to falls from a height of 2 meters. The lamp has IPX4 water resistance, which allows it to be used in the rain.

The elastic band has the ability to adjust the circumference. The interior was covered with silicone strips for better grip.

The lamp is equipped with a USB cable, a charging extension and a battery. Thanks to the extension, the user can remove the cartridge from the belt and put it in, for example, a backpack.

Technical information

Model: VIZO RC
Manufacturer: Mactronic, Poland
Material for restoration: aluminum + plastic
Light power: 400lm
Light intensity: 1200
Light source: Samsung™ LH351D LED, red LED (rear)
Power supply: 1 × 18650 battery, Li-ion, 3.7 V 2600 mAh
Working time: 100% - 13h 25min; 50% - 22 hours 35 minutes; 5% - 84 hours 55 minutes; BOOST [735LM] - 60s; Rear red LED 100% - 40 h; Last red LED 2 Hz flashes - 115 h
Charging type: MicroUSB
Rear red safety light
Adjustable head tilt angle: 90 degrees
Waterproof: IP64
Drop resistance: 2m
Elastic band with adjustable girth, internally coated with silicone strips for better grip
Dimensions of the head: 32 x 71 x 34 cm
Tray dimensions: 38 x 102 x 35 cm
Weight: 178g
black colour

VIZO lamp
USB cable

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