everActive NC-1000M Ni-MH and Ni-Cd battery charger

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The NC-1000M charger is used to charge and maintain 1-4 batteries. R03 AAA / R6 AA batteries made in Ni-MH and Ni-Cd technology.
Perfect for new generation cells like Eneloop or Ready2Use.

As with the previous model, a number of improvements have been introduced:
- even easier use for less experienced users,
- improved charging of cells with increased internal resistance,
- improved "Ready to Use" (LSD) battery charging,
- modified discharge method that allows you to check and remember the capacity of any 1.2-1.6 V battery - including alkaline and Ni-Zn batteries.

Complete innovations in the new model are:
- powered by USB type C - can be powered by any smartphone charger (recommended min. 5V 2A),
- LCD screen with blue illumination,
- super compact design - its dimensions are only 110x99x38 [mm]

The USB Type-C input (as in a typical smartphone) allows the charger to be powered in countless ways . Although the charger does not come with a power adapter, it works without problems with most power adapters, USB chargers and factory chargers that come with smartphones.

Nothing prevents the charger from being connected to a power bank, a USB output in a laptop or a USB charger in a car - the only condition is the recommended current efficiency of the USB output at the 2A level. In the case of using a weaker power supply, the charger will automatically dynamically adjust the charging current and thus allow the charging process to continue.

For those looking for a complementary, dedicated USB power supply for the NC-1000M charger, we particularly recommend the everActive models - SC-200, SC-300, SC-400 or higher, which work with this design without issue.

Features and capabilities of the NC 1000M charger:
- very convenient and compact - the charger is more powerful than the BC-700 / BC-1000 / NC-1000 charger series!,
- despite the many functions, the charger is very easy and intuitive to use,
- four, completely independent charging channels - possibility of charging 1-4 pcs. different batteries, different manufacturers, different capacities, in different sizes,
- the possibility of completely independent setting of the charge/discharge current for each channel,
- possible setting of the charging current: 250-500-750-1000 mA for 1-4 pcs. R03 AAA / R6 AA batteries,
- possible regulation of discharge current: 250-500 mA,

- universal 5V DC/2A USB-C input (no power supply, only 50 cm cable included),
- multifunctional, illuminated LCD screen that shows the current state of charge (voltage), charging time, charging current, calculated capacity in mAh for the selected cell,
- four programs of the charger: CYCLE - refreshing / filling with capacitance measurement, CHARGE - charging, DISCHARGE - discharging with measurement of the remaining capacity, TEST - capacity testing.

Kit Contents:

  • NC1000M charger packed in original box,

  • USB Type-C cable 50 cm long,

  • complete, accurate user manual PL/EN/DE.

The standard set does not include a USB power supply and rechargeable batteries.

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