everActive CBC-10 v2 battery charger 12V/24V

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Charger 'rectifier' for 12V / 24V gel / AGM / lead-acid batteries
Everactive CBC-10 v2
digital, fully automatic.

EverActive CBC10 is a universal charger / ti "intelligent rectifier" for all types of acid batteries (car, etc.) 12V and 24V, gel/AGM.

NEW DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY is small size, higher reliability, higher efficiency, higher efficiency, lower electricity consumption.
The maximum (regulated) charging current for 12V batteries is 10A - 10-20 minutes is enough. charging to start the car with a dead battery!

Directly from an energy expert:

24 months warranty

The charger is intelligent, microprocessor-controlled - when fully charged, it automatically switches off and goes into voltage control mode - 100% safe for any battery.
The efficiency of our charger is comparable to the charging process in leading professional devices (even several times more expensive) - using a smart charger does not negatively affect the performance of the battery , on the contrary, it extends its life!

The charger is not only intended for high-capacity car batteries - thanks to the regulation of the charging current, it is also suitable for gel and motor batteries used on yachts or batteries for scooters with a smaller capacity.

Unlimited possibilities - our charger is equipped with a unique, detachable cable with a SAE quick connector. This allows the charger to be easily adapted to your installation when the supplied crocodile clip cables and eyelet connectors are not enough.

Additional SAE connectors are sold separately .

The charger uses modern solutions:

  • automatic and reliable battery charge control - after reaching a certain voltage or automatically reducing the charging current,
  • voltage control after charging - automatic continuation of charging in the event of a voltage drop on the battery, even after a power outage from the AC network ,
  • the charger eliminates sulfation of batteries that can occur during charging,
  • maintenance mode for 12V / SLA batteries with a capacity of 14-230Ah - the charger gives a constant voltage of 13.6V with a current of up to 5A - it keeps the battery fully ready - ideal for electric vehicles, forklifts, etc.
  • Power mode 13.6 V / 5 A - the possibility of powering devices that are powered from 12 V.
  • "winter" mode - ensures full and efficient battery charging, even at very low ambient temperature
  • "reactivation/revival" mode - a special charging method - in the case of extremely discharged batteries, the charger uses a reduced charging current of 1.5A until a safe voltage is reached, which enables faster charging - the charger itself decides whether to use this method,
  • detachable cable equipped with SAE type quick connector allows you to adapt the charger to your needs, standard equipment includes connectors with alligator clips and connectors with eyelets .
  • the charger is equipped with a set of protections against short circuit, wrong polarity, overheating, overload, overcharging, etc.

The CBC 10 charger is designed for 12V / 24V gel, lead-acid, AGM, VRLA, VLA, SLA, WET, GEL, lead-acid batteries. Charging is automatic, depending on the mode, up to 9 levels! The charging mode, the operation of the charger is signaled by 13 LEDs .

The first stage is automatic detection of the battery type (12 / 24V) and possible reactivation (only for deeply discharged cells) - charging with a reduced current.
The second stage is basic charging - depending on the mode, the charging current is 10A / 5A / 2A (for 24V batteries, the maximum current is 5A).
The following steps are the control of the charging process - when the battery voltage increases, the charging current changes (automatic limit): 10A-7.5A-5A-4A-3A-2A-1.5A.
In the final stage of charging, the current is limited to 1.5A - it is an excellent protection against the phenomenon of "gassing" of the battery. After reaching a voltage of 14.4V (for a 12V battery) and 28.8V (for a 24V battery), charging is complete.
The last stage is the battery voltage control stage - in case the charger is connected to the battery for a long time and the voltage drops to 12.8V (12V) / 25.6V (24V), the charger activates a 1.5A gradual charge to prevent the battery from discharge.

Technical information
Input voltage 220-240V AC, 50Hz-60Hz
Supported batteries 12V / 24V DC automatic detection
gel, lead acid, AGM, VRLA, VLA, SLA, WET, GEL, lead acid
Supported battery capacities: 10-300Ah for 12V,
10-150Ah for 24V
Typical performance > 75-80%
Charging voltage 14.4 V / 14.7 V for 12 V batteries,
28.8 V / 29.4 V for 24 V batteries
Charging current regulated 10/5/2 [A] for 12V
regulated 5/2 [A] for 24V
Working temperature -10..40 degrees C (power limitation at higher temperatures)
Dimensions 22 x 8.2 x 5.6 [cm]
another built-in fan, length of AC power cable approx. 1.8 m, total length of connectors (with crocodile clips or eyelets) approx. 1.8 m
On automatic charger everActive CBC-10 v2,
user manual,
connection with crocodile clips,
connection with eye clips

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