4 x GP AA ReCyko 2700 Series Ni-MH 2600 mAh rechargeable batteries

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With a lifespan of up to 300 charge cycles, this battery pack is equivalent to over 8,000 disposable batteries (in GP's in-house lab test versus GP super alkaline batteries in digital cameras). Pre-filled and ready to use. After 12 months of charging, it retains up to 50% of its energy. With working temperatures between -20 °C and +50 °C, it ensures reliable operation even in extreme conditions.

100% paper packaging / 0% plastic, 100% biodegradable

Green? A lot. The battery is ECV certified and is made from more than 10% recycled materials (in general, the production of batteries from recycled materials reduces energy consumption, consumption of fresh raw materials and environmental pollution). More than 94% of the battery, including packaging, can be recycled.

Technical information

The guy AA
Technology Ni-MH batteries
Tension 1.5 V
Capacitance 2600 mAh
Dimensions (Ø x H) (Ø x H) 14.50 mm x 50.50 mm
Weight ~ 31 years
Content 4 pcs
Alternative description AA, R6
Rechargeable battery Yes
Life span up to 300 cycles

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